Harry Potter GO Hack

Harry Potter Go Hack can will be one of most popular game in whole world. After big success Pokemon Go and all augumented reality, we cannot wait for another game in this mode. Pokemon GO was best mobile game for smartphones in 2017, definitely. So, today we can play in another game with augumeneted reality – Harry Potter Go. Who does not know the history of Harry Potter? Who does not watch any episode with wizard from Hogwart? Probably nobody. So, we can today play in one of best magic game on whole world. If you want spells like Hermiona or fight like Ron, you must check this game. It is great opportunities to feel like true druid or sorcerer, and check our skills with some wand!

Harry Potter – probably one of most popular hero in whole world

Harry James Potter is a fictional character, the hero of the fantastic series of books Harry Potter, son of Lily and James Potter. He was created by J.K. Rowling, in the first half of the 90th century. When Harry had only one year, Voldemort tried to kill him, because it is only one boy with greater power than him. It was in Sibyl Trelawney prophecy. Voldemort killed Harry’s parents in Godric Hollow, but his mother, giving his life for him, to keep him from death. Avada Kedavra (killing curse) bounced off Harry, hitting Voldemort, who lost all his power and became weak indefinite creation. In this way, Harry, against the will of the Voldemort was the eighth of Horcruxes. The only trace of the murderous Spell was a lightning-shaped scar on Harry’s forehead.

After death of his parents, Harry, a decision Albus Dumbledore was placed at her only living relativies – Vernon and Petunii Dursley. After ten years, Harry get information from Hagrid, that he is a wizard, and his parents were not killed in a car accident. Harry decided to go to Hogwarts school for wizards. He set off with Hagrid to London to Diagon Alley, so as to buy items necessary for the wizarding education.

On the way to Hogwarts, Harry meets his first friends in life – Hermione and Ron. Hogwarts becomes his true home, and other wizards consider him a hero, because he survived Voldemort’s attack. It is incredible for young boy. Learning magic it is not easy, but Harry do not give up, and trying to be better. In school, he had one enemy – Draco Malfoy.

Beginning – Harry Potter Go Hack

On first time Harry went to Gryffindor with Ron and Hermione. At first year, Harry become a youngest player in Gryffindor team in 100 yers. He also won the battle with the mountain troll, and  at the end of the year he discovered the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone and stopped in front of Voldemort’s rebirth. It was definitely big success for him. A year later he discovered the Chamber of Secrets. He learned also that it is Parselmouth (ability to speak to snakes). In this way, he defeated the monster of Slytherin – Basilisk. He also won over Voldemort and become a hero. Saved Ginny Weasly and killed first horkruks Voldemort after piercing his journal Basilisk fang.

Do you want to play with Harry Potter Go Hack?

Harry Potter had a lot of journey. He was probably best wizard in whole world. He was definitely brave, resolute and strong. He was a model for everybody, because he make difficult decisions, and do not never give up. His story is incredible for every young fan. It is great inspiration to do what you want. Harry Potter GO Hack is best possibilities to be like main hero. You can play with augmented reality, so you can meet horkrux when you walk into park. Is it fantastic, right? It is also great possibility to use the wand and try to spell. The creators of Pokemon Go had finally succumb, and start work of the game Harry Potter. Today, we give opportunities to try to be like Harry Potter and beat legendary Voldemort. So, do you want to play Harry Potter Go with us? We are a team, who love all series of Harry Potter. We want to share our way to be the best. Read our blog, and find our tips and tricks.

What do you need to play?

So, if you want to start playing Harry Potter Go, you need few things in your smartphone to playing effective. You smartphone meets the minimal system requirements. If you do not have it, the game won’t work. If you have old smartphone with old devices the game may be missing. Remember about one thing – the game use Augmented Reality, so you should have new system on your smartphone. So, if you want to make sure that this app will work, you can buy a new device. If you can’t or do not want to buy new phone, you should check this few things on your smartphone:

  • Battery – when you playing Harry Potter Go, you probably go on outside for few hours. The application tends to drain your battery power very fast. Of course you can use power saving mode, but it is not best way. In my opinion great thing is buying a power bank in any shop. With that, you won’t need to carry another heavy item with you. You should have thing with storage a lot of power (at least 10000 mAh) and has a high performance ratio on 80-90%.
  • Gyroscope – it is thing, which you need to play with Augemented Reality to work properly. Make sure it is present in your mobile device or otherwise you will be unable to use some of the game’s mechanics.
  • Software – you should have smartphone with the minimal requirements, if you want to play on great level in Harry Potter Go.
  • Regular GPS signal – without that you cannot play, because Harry Potter Go use Augmented Reality. It is main module in game. If you signal is weak your movement could not be detected or be rather inaccurate. In this game, keeping track of you position is important, because in game interactions are based on your localization.

How to download it?

So, if you have enough space on your smartphone, you can go to AppStore or Google Play and start download this game. It is simple process for everybody, who download some games in past. After downloaded you should start installing process, and after that, enjoy the game, and get full capabilities from this. Good luck and have fun!

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